When Is It a Good Idea for an Employer to Conduct Drug Testing

Employee Drug abuse is among the significant concerns for several associations in America today.

A Significant number of illicit drug users are employed in US. This suggests that almost 67 percent of their total illegal drug and aged 18 years and over were used. It also states that 74.4 percent of all adult binge drinkers and 74.9 percent of heavy drinkers have been used in 2009.

These alarmingly Substantial amounts of Employees abusing alcohol or drugs state that organizations are vulnerable to workplace injuries. In order to ensure a drug free workplace environment, companies should think about employee drug testing.

When is Drug Testing conducted
An employer may run a testing on employees before appointing them. Employers can also conduct evaluation on existing employees to ensure that employees remain productive at work and protect against employee drug abuse. Some good situations for an employer to conduct worker drug testing in the business are:

Throughout the linking time
Drug testing on employees during the time of joining is commonly used by organizations to prevent drug abusers from entering the company. It forms part of successful hiring process as it blocks alcohol or drug abusers that may become future employees and cost the business in the shape of sum paid towards medical insurance premiums, medical therapy, or as compensation due to workplace accidents.

Does Mcdonalds Drug Test?
One of the effective ways to discourage employee drug abuse is by running ‘Random drug testing’ in the office. The main aim of a random drug testing is deterrence because it compels employees to stay drug free at all times rather than only prior to appointment. Employers may test their employees on a random basis; a worker or 2 could be picked up in a random procedure and examine them without providing prior intimation about the testing. On-the-job accidents could be significantly reduced with this type of testing about the employees. Nowadays, an increasing number of businesses, which include big company offices, small business establishments, the military, fire and police departments, government agencies, schools etc., are conducting random drug testing.

Post-accident testing
Employers may conduct post-accident testing after an employee or personnel meet with a severe accident or injury at the workplace. Ordinarily, a post-accident testing is conducted to determine if alcohol or drugs was a contributing element in the accident. The business cannot be held responsible for injuries sustained by the worker if he/she was drunk at work.

Scheduled testing, as the title itself indicates, is conducted at preset times. It is generally conducted during routine physical examinations in the provider. This will make them take proper decisions on illegal drug usage.

Treatment-related testing
Treatment-related drug testing is conducted on the employees who have returned to work after participating in a drug or alcohol treatment program. This drug testing at regular intervals ensures that workers connecting back to work are staying away from substance abuse. Many organizations make it compulsory for the employees to undergo this testing. If an employee tests positive for any prohibited drugs, he/she face disciplinary action, which might also include termination from employment.

What happens if you fail a drug test?

You could get fired or be put on probation. A drug free Environment in the office is quite important for any organization to Promote positive features like good work ethics, integrity, discipline and employee productivity. So, an employer should know that ancient Identification (using drug testing), intervention and treatment are More cost effective and useful for the organization compared to termination And replacement of workers who are involved in drug misuse.

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